SAMSUNG Galaxy Chromebook 4

SAMSUNG Galaxy Chromebook 4:

SAMSUNG Galaxy Chromebook 4

So far, Chromebooks aren’t very effective for gaming, and they’re not very nice. Some are lightweight, with solid quality and a few accessories, like a screen stand, but they still aren’t that much fun to play with. That’s what we’re trying to fix with the release of this laptop.

Okay, so I wouldn’t necessarily call this our cheapest Chromebook, but it’s also at an under-three-thousand-dollar price. Heck, it’s one of the easiest $99 laptops around, since they usually sell for hundreds more than this, and I honestly can’t get excited by the price.

And it’s currently on sale for $399, so you can grab this laptop for a little less than what you can typically pay for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A+, which is usually around ten times more than this new Chromebook. I can’t tell you why I’m so excited about this Chromebook…
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The Chromebook isn’t as underpowered as it would be if you were going for a MacBook. Instead, this Chromebook matches a 32GB SSD for storage, which is an improvement on the lot of regular Chromebooks and an upgrade on the 16GB SSD in the Chromebooks you might end up buying after you take off the battery after powering on.

Moreover, the storage in this particular Samsung is spotless, and everything is there to keep you up when you wake up the next morning. In other words, when you’re not using your Chromebook for online writing, playing games, or enjoying a bit of productivity, your Chromebook can do the heavy work for you, while you’re sleeping.

But storage isn’t the only thing that Samsung has up its sleeve. Since gaming laptops have been out of reach for a while now, you need something lightweight to go with the performance. This Chromebook definitely fits the bill, running the Adreno 610 graphics, which puts it on par with the newer smartphones in the market today.
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That’s a good thing. But the battery life isn’t too bad either. It lasts about 6.5 hours if you’re playing games on it. But as you don’t use it on a daily basis, you’ll get over 7 hours if you use your Chromebook as your machine. It’s a great-enough battery that you won’t be complaining about when you’re not roaming the city all day, seeing the airport, or waiting for a train. But if you want to get the most out of this laptop, then you’ll need to invest in something that lets you pull in some extra battery power.

Unfortunately, the Chromebook won’t let you do that, so you’ll have to go somewhere with a charger that’s really easy to find, where you can just pull up an empty 12W charging station and pour your energy into the Chromebook, even if you’re an early riser.

So as far as this particular Chromebook goes, the combination of its thin build, solid battery life, excellent processor performance, and excellent SSD storage is really a no-brainer for someone trying to buy the cheapest Chromebook on the market, and it’s just about the best Chromebook you can get at a decent price. More importantly, it’s the best Chromebook you can get at a decent price, and that’s a pretty amazing thing. I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on this Chromebook myself.
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Info About SAMSUNG Chromebook 4:

Simply Your Size: Compact, light plan with an 11.6-inch show and regular console and trackpad.

Military-Grade Durability: Samsung Chromebook 4 is made to deal with knocks and drops.

Ultra-Fast Connectivity: With a lightning-quick Gigabit Wi-Fi association, transfer recordings or download monstrous documents quickly.

Advanced Security: Multiple layers of underlying infection insurance guarantee you generally have the most recent security protection.

Power Through The Day: 12.5 hours² of battery life, and a battery that rapidly re-energizes over a USB-C charger.

Google Assistant-Enabled: Use your voice to make a solicitation and Google Assistant will get it done.

Meets eight military-grade (MIL-STD-810G) norms including travel drop, vibration, high temperature, temperature shocks, freezing, dust, moistness, low strain. ²A Measured by Google Scenario (Power Load Test) rules. (Tried Product Specifications: Intel Celeron Processor N4000/4GB Memory/32GB eMMC). Battery life might shift contingent upon an organization climate, utilization designs, and different variables

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