Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller:

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a new addition to the Nintendo Switch Pro Camera. There are over a dozen things about the controller that you should know. It has several design enhancements, but the most noticeable thing is its control. The buttons have larger buttons, the movement speed of the controller is moved to counter the input speed of the Pro Camera. This is a faster movement motion sensor, and the Pro Camera matches your movement more precisely when you have an analog controller, so you can feel like you’re not taking a hit during the game. And now let’s talk about the buttons!

I’ve been a snob about gaming from the jump, and one thing about Nintendo Switch that puts it above everything is the buttons. Games have buttons on them, sure, but they were limited to one at a time, and you never learned how to use them. With the Pro Controller, you get every kind of button you could ever imagine.
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The only buttons you get are the triggers. The external Pro Camera leverages a control dial, which does basically the same job as the Joy-Con, except it’s external. It has the expandable Select button, and you can turn the motion sensor inside the controller off or on. There’s a Slider button, a Button Up button, and the Switch D-Pad (it should have a Circle, but I still don’t know what it is yet). It’s also very important to mention that there are dual paddles on the buttons for easy goal-checking.

Of course, I’ve just scratched the surface of what is capable of doing with the Pro Controller. For those unfamiliar with the Pro Camera, it’s a small pad on the right part of the console that rotates. Two cameras above it are on display, and those cameras pick up your movement so your movements feel more accurate. Aside from you noticing the buttons more easily, there are two joysticks that you get with the console, and they’re perfect to attack. The colors don’t shine as bright as the Pro Camera’s camera, but it’s cool that you don’t have to worry about it being on too bright a scale.
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The biggest problem with the Pro Camera is that there’s not enough room for it on the console. Nintendo put an extra box for it, but it’s a similar box that you found on the Switch Super Motion Sensor. And the top of that box is the removable power button, which is removable from the Pro Camera for charging. Just make sure you’re able to keep it in the accessory for a while.

If you’re going to buy the Pro Controller on Amazon, you’ll find a whole bunch of different colors. Of course, if you’re like me, you get to keep them until they’re out of style. You can use these colors in any environment. They’re pretty simple with a grayscale gray background color, so you can use them as a chalkboard even in a restaurant’s indoor dining room. And there’s a similar palette color for your own home theater setup.
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There’s also a very nice choice of colors. If you’re a fan of bright colors, especially Pokemon, you won’t be disappointed. The bright colors will create a good effect of light and color that also extends out to the surface of the Pro Camera. If you can’t find these colors in your preferred store, there are Etsy stores for you to find them online. I personally prefer the standard Eligio colors, but you can always find these cool patterns in the stores.

I’ve been testing the console for a couple of weeks now and the screen looks amazing. It’s bright enough to see most of the games at full quality, but watching a first-person shooter is so bright and luminous that I don’t want it to blow up on my TV. Plus, it’s not just the screen. I’ve not needed to move my TV to an even more dark or cool color setting, and the motion sensor isn’t as obnoxious as it could be. There’s some cool stuff with the Pro Controller, but do you want to bet on there’s a bit more to come?

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