Latest Mobile Samsung Galaxy A52s Complete Review

Latest Mobile Samsung Galaxy A52s Complete Review:

Latest Mobile Samsung Galaxy A52s

Samsung Galaxy A52s:

The review of smartphones in this essay is aimed to summarize all the aspects of this smartphone with details of the screen and brand of the brand to assist the user to take proper decisions.

The presence of one bar type of display is not something good in this regard. However, it does not impact the overall usage of the phone. The smartphone needs to be designed in such a way that its performance should be good. Samsung’s brand is still ranked at the top of various products in India and it can be argued that this device is designed according to the needs of the customer.

The specification and measurements are well defined in Samsung Galaxy A52s as shown below:

Best Samsung Mobile

Dimensions: 3.29"

Weight: Around 195 grams

The screen of this smartphone is great in quality and size. The phone is a Full HD LCD display. The layout of the display is very comfortable for the users. However, the screen does not provide you with the quality that you will find on an iPad Pro or Samsung Galaxy S6. However, we believe that Samsung has put enough effort into this aspect to ensure that the device has the image quality that you will get in the higher model smartphones.



The colors of this phone are not so good that one may not see it. However, Samsung has managed to use all the colors that they have available for better visibility. The whites of the screen and the lights of the device are vibrant and refreshing to the eyes. The colors in colors can be switched from one mode to another for better brightness.

Viewing angle:

From the on-device display, we see that this device presents users with a new viewing angle. The upper screen can show you a panoramic view of the environment in terms of sunlight but other screens are fairly flat when it comes to viewing angle.


The lighter weight of the device is appreciated by some people. However, most people in this opinion that it is not a good gadget for students because it requires almost a lot of maintenance. Nevertheless, we do not have enough information to conclude that the weight of the product has no bearing on the electronic price of the phone.

Charging ports:

However, we can see two charging ports that are on the back of the product. The headphone jack is placed at the corner of the screen that will support the two USB Type-C cables. The MacBook charger also needs to be placed in one of the ports as it is an independent charging charger.

Display audio port:

The headphones are attached to a credit card that is placed at the place where the charging port is situated. Samsung has managed to make this part of the hardware flexible so that it can fit in just about any place. The headphone speaker is attached to the charging port on top.

Mobile camera:

Samsung Galaxy A52s Camera

A professional camera is placed on the top of the left speaker. This means that the phone can benefit from more power when it is switched to a professional camera mode. However, for people who cannot pay attention to the case of the phone, this can be a challenge to the USB Type-C charging port.

A metal round button is placed just underneath the display, so one can use buttons for selecting the home menu of the application. The writing at the bottom of the interface is the number of each dedicated panel that is on the screen. There is no rest button on the screen but it is easier to achieve it from the memory card of the phone. Samsung has managed to create a good and modern touch interface that increases the usability of its product.

On the USB Type-C port, Samsung has integrated 3 different USB Type-C cables that support different types of connections. You can connect these cables to the phone to get multiple speeds of the data transferred. This feature is very effective when we take to the SSDs of the phone and we have high capacity USB Type-C cables.

There is now one USB Type-C port mounted right at the bottom of the device. This cable is carried by the water supply plugs. We can see an HDMI port at the bottom with two microphones that will produce the audio from the computer. There is also a micro-USB port that is located just below the headphone jack. The USB 3.0 port provides maximum charging speed to the smartphone. The music produced by the speaker that is placed at the top will be played via the sound card of the device which we will show the data on the screen. When we test the device we are able to recognize a real quality sound.

Even if you take the free S Pen of the camera app, the smartphone will have basic volume and ANC mode running. So if you want to customize your device or need more exceptional sound quality for the phone, you can add an S Pen to the phone that will provide a little more experience to you. This device is designed according to the needs of the consumers.

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